What justification is there for destroying our Greenbelt

Film Studios are being built all over southern England and now unscrupulous developers are jumping on the bandwagon to try and make a quick buck.

Just a few days ago Buckinghamshire councillors approved a 77 acre expansion to Pinewood studios, a huge studio complex is being built up the road in Reading, Shepperton Studios in Surrey is planning to double their operations and Bray Studios, just a few miles away, is expanding.

Is there really a need for yet another Film Studio in Marlow?

Is it really worth all the traffic problems, the harm to the area’s character and the destruction of our Greenbelt when there will be no benefits to us?

We think not, particularly when even industry insiders are sceptical about the actual demand – “With millions of square feet of production space coming into the market in the next few years, there’s more than enough to meet everyone’s needs.” (Source: VARIETY)

In this short film, Marlow residents talk about how they feel about the Marlow Film Studio in relation to what could well become a ‘glut’ in the filmmaking business. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CLttWA0lQ8


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