What does a film studio look like?

There are many fancy and green artists impressions of the Marlow Film Studio project floating around, but what does a real film studio actually look like?

First of all, these are busy, utilitarian workspaces: large warehouse structures, with storage areas; a continuous 24/7 flow of deliveries & tradespeople; and security fences because production companies don’t want you snooping around!

Let’s do a visual reality check. For example, this is a snapshot of Pinewood:

A similar look in Shinfield, with large structures and a security fence on the right:

So, what might our view be from the A4155?

Or the footbridge over the A404?

All evidence of large film studio complexes points to a far less glamourous picture than the expensive marketing tries to paint. Don’t fall for it and help others see the reality.

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