What happens to our precious wildlife?

Did you know our local greenbelt is a vital resource for numerous protected wildlife species? The land currently under threat between Marlow and Little Marlow is a rich mixed wildlife habitat including lakes, grassland, woodland and hedgerows.

Regular sightings and evidence include 3 species of owls, 7 species of bats, 3 species of wild orchids, hobby, badgers, kingfishers, otters, stag beetles, peregrine falcons, newts, kestrels, toads, red kites, hedgehogs, skylarks and many many more.

What happens when we remove their breeding and foraging habitats? Simple, they perish. Many species require a territory or vegetation/geology specific conditions to thrive. When these are removed the creatures can no longer exist.

The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. We must do everything we can to stop the decline, by safeguarding these precious habitats.

The State of Nature Report identifies UK wildlife in serious decline, with 1 in 7 species now at risk of extinction. Loss of habitat through development is a major cause. Only last week, the Office for Environmental Protection released a statement that existing laws are failing to slow the damage to land, air and water.

Go and admire our local natural diversity this spring. And support our cause to ensure it remains there for future generations to enjoy.