Alternative Site Assessment (Part 2): English Farm

Dido Property Limited (Guernsey) claim there is no other “preferable site where the benefits that will flow from the development can be secured.

From our desktop study, we have identified other alternatives that are still suitable according to the criteria proposed by the developers.

We already talked about the Stonor Film Studios. Here we look at the land near English Farm in Nuffield, Oxfordshire, located within easy reach (close to the proposed magic 30 miles) of the West London film cluster. It is owned by one of the directors of Dido Property Limited (Guernsey), namely Robert Laycock.

The area is not designated as a Country Park or does not fall within the Greenbelt. This alternative site “is considered to be of medium/low landscape value furthermore it is considered that the Site has a low susceptibility to the proposed change brought about by the proposed scheme.

In terms of access, we believe that “with [a] robust Sustainable Transport Strategy in place that the impact (…) would be manageable” on the A4130. “The mean maximum queues would be well accommodated” by other nearby roads.

Why was English Farm not considered as an alternative site for the film studio project? Is it because one of the directors lives there?

We don’t need a film studio on our doorstep either. Object to it now.