Council officer reports confirm our objections

When Guernsey-based Dido Property Limited started touting its idea for the speculative film studio application, Save Marlow’s Greenbelt immediately identified areas of concern, around traffic, environment & flooding. We also questioned their economic case based on film studio/warehouse rental.

The planning application documents were vague and full of holes and hand-waving promises, affirming our key areas of objection:

  1. there are no “very special circumstances” (i.e. economic reasons) to build this monstrosity on Marlow’s Greenbelt
  2. it will be devastating for nature & wildlife.
  3. it will be horrendous for traffic
  4. flooding & sewage treatment are a major issue

This week several documents were published on the planning portal, outlining the analysis from Buckinghamshire Council’s own officers. On all fronts, they are damning for the planning application: inconsistencies, errors, obfuscations, omissions… Once you scratch the surface of the PR, things are not so glossy.

We will release more information on each key topic over the next week, starting today with ecology.