Film studio transport plan “improvements” are hot air

Guernsey-registered Dido Property Limited have submitted “improvements” to their traffic plan by introducing a massive round about on the A4155. However, the congestion caused by more than two thousand extra vehicles is not going to be mitigated by a roundabout. The A404 and A4155 Marlow Road simply don’t have the capacity. National Highways has expressed serious concerns about the developer’s traffic model and this attempt to appease them is akin to repositioning a couple of deckchairs on the Titanic. In no way does it address the fundamental issue or does compensate it for the huge damage that this monstrous development will cause.

One thought on “Film studio transport plan “improvements” are hot air”

  1. Is this the same Council that assured us all there would be NO traffic issues at either access point for the Hollands Farm mega housing estate that was always Green Belt? 🤔🤬

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