Investment in film industry ≠ approval to build on Greenbelt

The UK government recently announced plans to support more regional creative cluster with up to £50 million in funding. Buckinghamshire Council expressed its enthusiasm, based on the existing Pinewood Studios in Iver and the approved Wycombe Film Studios.

Obviously, Guernsey-registered Dido Property Limited was quick to grasp the opportunity as a sign of approval for their megalomaniac plans to build on Marlow’s Greenbelt.

An investment in the creative industries across the United Kingdom does not mean it should be at the expense of Greenbelt. Existing film studios can be expanded or brownfield sites can be used. A great example of this, is Cube Studio in Holyport, created in an existing unit which has been re-purposed into a commercial studio. Greenbelt is needed by the local community to enjoy nature and to help mitigate the effects of climate change.