An update to the transport plan? Not really.

The renewed Transport Assessment submitted by Guernsey-registered Dido Property Limited to Buckinghamshire Planning is flawed and insufficient, according to a study by independent consultants Motion, commissioned by Save Marlow’s Greenbelt.

The assessment focuses on pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicle access, as well as proposed measures to mitigate transport network impacts. Motion confirms that pedestrian routes between the site and Marlow need to cross a substandard road, without any proposed enhancements.

They highlight narrow, poorly lit paths, lacking step-free access, and no controlled crossings, posing risks. Similarly, the cycle access proposals offer no improvements to the existing inadequate infrastructure. Motion states that few functional cycling journeys would occur due to these deficiencies.

Vehicular access, including 4,000 additional cars, raises concerns about congestion, lack of public transport, and inadequate analysis of impact on existing roads. Motion concludes that the current proposals would
result in an unacceptable impact on highway safety and overall that the application site is “unsustainable in transportation terms thereby failing to meet the requirements of paragraphs 105 and 110 (a) of the NPPF”.

This is a traffic disaster waiting to happen. You can still object, even if you have already done so.