Bucks Highways says NO to Marlow Film Studio

Bucks Highways Authority has published a report that concludes that the Film Studio traffic “would adversely affect the safety and flow of users of the existing distributor road network, and lead to additional on-street parking”.

In plain English – Marlow Film studios would cause massive local congestion that would endanger people’s safety and disrupt their lives.

The report shows that jams would extend over a huge area – from Marlow to Wycombe to Bourne End to Maidenhead.

Daily commutes, school runs and emergency service response times would all become intolerable. In short, it would be a nightmare for all of us and it will also hurt local businesses.

Buckinghamshire Council cannot reasonably approve the development now that their own experts have shown how catastrophic its impact on traffic will be. And the fact that Marlow Town Council secretly voted to support the Film Studio before this analysis had been completed makes you wonder if they are really fit for purpose?

We know that Marlow Film Studios will damage the environment, destroy the greenbelt and disfigure the landscape. Now it’s clear that it will also massively disrupt our everyday lives. And for what – a handful of local jobs?

If you don’t want to spend your life sitting in traffic jams then please object.

One thought on “Bucks Highways says NO to Marlow Film Studio”

  1. Who are all these people who want to cycle or walk to the site? Surely Marlow already has a high employment rate so where are these new employees coming from?
    Stop wasting our taxpayer or council tax money on fantasy surveys of the fantasy planning application and reject this application NOW

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