Marlow Town Council ignores residents views on film studio application

Remember the Parish Meeting on 17th October, when a vote was taken that Marlow Town Council should formally object to the planning application? The residents voted in favour of this statement. Cllr Scott then said “I have made a note of that”.

However, following a question from a resident at the Town Council meeting on 24th October 2023, it appears he has lost that note. The minutes state:

Q: Following on from the recent Parish Meeting, how have members aligned their comment regarding Marlow Film Studio planning application, to those of Marlow residents?
A: We have outlined how the data was assimilated.

Q: Is the Council going to act on the votes taken at the Parish Meeting?
A: No instruction has been received from Council therefore no.

Perhaps Cllr Scott needs to be reminded where his note went? You can reach him on