Marlow Parish Poll – vote *NO* on 9th May

A Marlow Parish Poll is being organised, following the most recent Marlow Parish Meeting on 8th April. There are two questions being posed to the electorate of Marlow:

  1. Do you wish Marlow Film Studios to be built?
  2. Do you want development in the greenbelt on the scale proposed by the Marlow Film Studio?

Save Marlow’s Greenbelt was not involved in the instigation of this poll, however we urge our supporters to vote “NO” to both questions – for obvious reasons.

As the notice linked above states, the result of the poll is non-binding, but will be hugely symbolic. Let’s show everyone that Marlow does not want a giant, unnecessary film studio on its doorstep, in its Greenbelt.

How can you vote?

Head to a polling station on Thursday 9th May between 4 PM and 9 PM. Which one depends on your electoral number – more information can be found on the notice. You can find your electoral number on your polling card for the PCC elections on 2nd May or alternatively contact Electoral Services on

Spread the word!

Please spread the word about the poll and ensure that your neighbours, friends & family all go & vote “NO” on both of the questions.

You can add a reminder to your calendar with the button below:

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