Strategic Sites Committee REFUSES film studio application

Save Marlow’s Green Belt is delighted with the decision to refuse the Marlow Film Studio planning application. There can now be no doubt that the harm caused by this development would far outweigh its benefits. We would like to thank all those people who have supported our campaign.

The applicant claims that the studio would benefit the film industry and help young people. We disagree. Over the last three years the amount of studio space has doubled and there is now more than enough to meet demand. And local young people are already well served by over ten studios that are within a 30 minutes’ drive of Marlow. Including Pinewood and a brand new one just up the road in Wycombe.

The planning committee clearly agrees that the lack of certainty over the benefits and the absolute certainty of the harm means that Marlow is the wrong place for a development of this type. It would create traffic chaos, destroy the environment and cause huge damage to the local community.

The recent parish poll, in which 85% of voters said “No” to the studio, shows that the vast majority of the community also agree with us. This is despite the applicant spending millions trying to convince them otherwise.

We hope that Dido Property Limited now recognises that the studio isn’t needed, it isn’t wanted and it can never be justified. We recommend that they don’t throw good money after bad by going to appeal and that they draw a line under this sorry episode.

SMG will continue its campaign to protect the local greenbelt from inappropriate development so that its benefits are secured for future generations.

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