A community effort to preserve this beautiful natural space.

Protect YOUR Green Space from the Marlow Film Studio development and other threats!

How much of your greenbelt are you going to lose?

Depicted below are 5 greenbelt areas now in ownership of the offshore company Dido Property limited for the planned Marlow Film Studio Limited. There are more land acquisitions being sought, subject to planning. The impact will be felt by our communities both in loss of green spaces, creating more industrial areas, with building disruptions and ongoing polluting operations.

Greenbelt already acquired by offshore company Dido Property Limited but more planned.

Who are we and why do we resist this proposal for a film studio on your greenbelt?

Save Marlow’s Greenbelt (SMG) is a growing number of local passionate residents from Little Marlow, Marlow and Bourne End. We believe the building of a film studio in Marlow will be detrimental to the community. It will remove an area that is of astounding beauty and biodiversity and an important area of protection for you and your family against growing environmental risks. .

Are you aware of what you have?

We are privileged to have one of only 14 greenbelt sites in the UK. They protect you and your family from urban sprawl by encouraging urban regeneration and preventing the loss of your green spaces to exercise, play and be together. Take a look at the aerial video below and immerse yourself in what this area has to offer, this is your greenbelt and a 15 minute walk from Marlow and Bourne End high streets.

“no one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced”

Sir David Attenborough
Footpaths lead you through the magic of the country park.
Aerial view of Country Park at risk

Why we believe this is bad for our communities.

Flood Risks

Rising waters and increased flooding has seen extensive and expensive flood defences being built in the area. New plans to put in yet more flood defences at Marlow Newt Ditch in the east of the town, is is more evidence that this is an increasing problem. Removal of huge areas of natural drainage and runoff from flash flooding will only serve to make this situation worse. We must preserve this to help mitigate flooding.

River flooding in the area is already a major problem

Increases in Congestion and reduced parking

Roads are under great strain in the immediate area of the proposed site. As a response to this, Buckinghamshire council are building a multi million pound relief road into Globe Park off the A404 . A project like the film studio will further this congestion as thousands of vehicles including large trucks service it.

The traffic blackspot has been plagued with congestion at peak times, and Bucks County Council is hoping the makeover will help improve access to and from Globe Park, as well as relieve heavy traffic at the junction.

Buck Free Press – October 2017
Already congested roads around the site – Image Source Buck Free Press


Air Pollution

The studio project promises 5000 more jobs, but no sustainable green transport. All this extra polluting transport will negatively affect the already dangerously high levels of air pollution we are experiencing in the area.

Marlow town centre has a serious air pollution problem. Based on monthly averaged (non-continuous) measurements, the nitrogen dioxide concentrations are above legal levels.

Transition Town Marlow – https://transitionmarlow.org/home/airquality/

The destruction of our greenbelt will only increase air pollution. Cities are trying to combat dangerous levels of air pollution by introducing green spaces. Why would we remove it forever?

Water Pollution

Urban runoff or ‘storm drain pollution’ is one of the leading causes of water pollution. This greenbelt helps mitigate for that but urbanise it with a film studio and then this area could contain up to 90 percent hard, impervious surfaces such as rooftops, pavements, streets, construction sites and parking where water collects and quickly runs off. Deposits of oil, grease and all sorts are flushed by rainwater and other means down storm drains. Water flowing through storm drains is untreated and therefore carries these pollutants into our waterways.

Devastating environment water pollution has occurred over the years from Little Marlow Sewage Treatment works that services, Marlow, Little Marlow, High Wycombe and Bourne End. More infrastructure and more waste in the immediate area will create more stress on this system and further increase the risk of spillages, as reported this year with views from local Steve Backshall.

“So, to find out that it is more sewage that is going back into the river, which is our pride and joy as it has returned so well in recent years, is just terrible.”

Steve Backshall – Bucks Free Press – March 2021


Sewage foam collects around boats at Bourne End Marina on the Thames path. Photograph: Environment Agency/PA – Source: Guardian 22 March 2017

Loss of your Green Spaces

Never have our open green spaces been so important to us and our families and we need to protect them. Our greenbelt nationally is in danger and here in Marlow losing this will set a precedent for more. See below all the greenbelt in the London area at risk, this is devastating and it is up to us to defend it as so many communities are doing across the country.

Greenbelt at risk in the London area alone!

Destruction of Wildlife

This greenbelt is far from a wasteland but a beautiful area where wildlife flourishes. On walks you could see 3 different types of owls, 5 species of bats, butterflies, badgers, foxes and hedgehogs. The wildflowers including orchids and vegetation supports species of insects like the amazing stag beetle, that are the cornerstone of our ecosystems. Amphibians make their homes here with access to water and the land with mature trees, native hedges, broadleaf woodland and wilded fields where skylarks nest, a treasure of nature we must preserve. It is all there for you to enjoy. These beautiful wild places are for you to be more wild in and the life there helps to support the cherished Spade Oak Lake Nature reserve and the AONB. So enjoy these areas that are right on our doorstep and help save them from development.

How can you help?

  • If you would like to join our team, please do email us at contact@savemarlowgreenbelt.org
  • Write to your local town councillors and MPs, Joy Morrissey and Steve Baker.
  • To get news and ways you can help, subscribe to our blog and you will receive emails.

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