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the Marlow film studio

Greenbelt around our towns and villages – source:

It’s easy to take the greenbelt for granted when you live in a beautiful place like Marlow but it plays a vital role in protecting the area’s character and enhancing our quality of life. The woods, lakes and meadows that surround us provide ready access to the natural environment and create a green setting that contributes to the town’s charm. It’s no surprise that Marlow is regularly cited as one of the best places to live in Britain.

But all this is under threat from rapacious developers. They don’t care about destroying nature, disfiguring the landscape and harming our quality of life. They just see the greenbelt as an opportunity to make money at our expense.

Once the greenbelt is gone, it’s gone for good and even the smallest loss opens the door for other developers to pile in. They will destroy our heritage, disrupt our lives and create an urban sprawl that will merge Marlow with its neighbouring towns and villages.

This is why “Save Marlow’s Greenbelt” is fighting all developments in our greenbelt. We believe in progress but we want to protect what makes Marlow special.

The threat is real and
the fight has started.

More and more greenbelt is being destroyed every year and in 2020 Britain lost the second largest amount since records began. We are aware of three major developments that will have a huge impact on our lives

They will have a huge impact on our lives:


These projects are being planned in the greenbelt separating Marlow and Bourne End

Marlow Studio Project

Offshore company, Dido Properties Ltd., is planning to build a massive and overbearing film production facility on open green space by the A404 roundabout. Over 2,000 workers will arrive and leave every day causing terrible congestion on our roads and increasing air pollution. Don’t expect to get a job there unless you’re a film production professional. Even our local businesses won’t benefit as the entire area will be enclosed and self-sufficient.

More on why the studio will change everything for the worst >>

Wycombe Wanderers Training Ground

The American owner of Wycombe Wanderers is planning to build a huge private training complex in Little Marlow. We understand that it will contain five football pitches (one of which will have spectator seating for some reason) together with gyms, bars, restaurants and a variety of large office buildings. As well as scarring our beautiful countryside it will cause congestion, noise and artificial light pollution that will be a blight on our lives.

Van Storage Facility

Unbelievably, Buckinghamshire Council is planning to lease part of the beautiful Spade Oak Nature Reserve to create a large storage space for up to 350 commercial vehicles. Every day, large transporters, vans and security staff will be trundling back and forth to the Nature Reserve ruining the peace and quiet of this very special place. By the way, this is the same “Opportunity Area” where the controversial Star Wars film set was located – you would have thought that the Council would be more sympathetic to local opinion after that fiasco.