Help us protect your right of way

We want to protect footpaths and routes that locals have been using for years, specifically in the area known locally as the Little Marlow Lakes Country Park near Marlow and Little Marlow in Buckinghamshire. If you walk, cycle or otherwise use the area between the railway line, the A404 and the A4155, can you please complete a short survey.

Frank Schoofs, who is leading the rights of way effort for Save Marlow’s Greenbelt, said: “Many people have been using local paths for years without realising that they are not officially registered. That means access to them is not guaranteed and they might disappear overnight. We have all benefited from access to nature in our local countryside during the lockdowns, so we must ensure that future generations can too.”

Popular uses of the area include dog walking, running and angling through various well-trodden paths. Save Marlow’s Greenbelt team of volunteers will use the information from the survey to submit a Definitive Map Modification Order to Buckinghamshire Council, so that the map of registered Rights of Way can be updated and everyone can continue to benefit from access to green space on their doorstep. If you want to help, you can complete the survey or contact the team at

12 thoughts on “Help us protect your right of way”

  1. Please keep this as somewhere beautiful and peaceful to favourite place to walk in Marlow..

  2. The walk around the reserve to little Marlow and then along the lovely peaceful paths towards Marlow and looping back around the lakes to the Thames and back to Bourne End is very special. I really wish you every success in keeping all our lovely walks open for all.

  3. Please keep the paths in Little Marlow, as well as all the other paths in the area, open to the public. Look after Marlow’ green belt – it is what makes it a great place to live.

  4. Please leave the green belt alone. Wildlife are already being pushed out of their habitats and people enjoy this area for bike rides and walks.

  5. Regularly walk all of the paths shown on the map as a member of Marlow Angling Club. Plenty of wildlife to observe and it would be a travesty to lose them to development.

  6. Use all these areas daily on my walks, see all kinds of wildlife there. Nature at is best….leave the green belt alone!!!

  7. Walked here for 50 years enjoying the greenery and later with my kids. If you really need to build houses, then build them in the sites of the offices that are never used or utilised 25% only or factories that will never open

  8. Its so nice to have something like this on our door step. We use it alot. We live in a world that is changing and have to save places like this. For all our sakes don’t turn marlow in to a concrete jungle. It floods enough as it is and its only going to get worse. Why spend all that money on flood defences and then go try something like this is beyond me

  9. Marlow has a pretty High Street – but so do lots of places. The unique beauty of Marlow is due to the precious green belt which surrounds it, providing a green haven for residents and wildlife alike. Approval of this proposal will initiate a large urban sprawl of which Marlow is just a small part, joining it up to Little Marlow with huge, massive industrial warehouses. The consequences of standing traffic queues both outside Marlow at the new junction AND all the way into Marlow past two school playing fields and a nursery will will increase high levels of illegal pollution in Marlow, when the priority should be to decrease it.

  10. I walk in this area regularly, it really is one of the towns assets and should be protected. We really should not need to have specific campaigns to protect green belt land as that is already supposed to be protected by law but all over Marlow there seems to constant pressure to develop green field sites when there are plenty brown field areas available that should get used first.

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