Public meeting – thank you

Thank you to those who attended the meeting on Friday 1st April to hear the facts about Marlow’s Greenbelt and all the current threats to it. We were pleased to welcome about a hundred locals to our public meeting at Liston Hall.

The session provided information about several planned development projects in the wider Marlow area and then offered opportunities for members of the public to ask questions. Some local councillors attended but no one representing the developers was able to make it.

One attendee commented afterwards: “I came to [the] meeting quite ambivalent about the Film Project. …My view was quite turned around by your presentation. …This is an outrageous plan… [and] has to be stopped.”

We have received great feedback about how informative and insightful it was. If you have any further questions, please email us.

One thought on “Public meeting – thank you”

  1. Another misleading press article last weekend. Hollywood on Thames!
    Does anyone really think these monstrous multi-storey buildings belong in the Green Belt.
    I am astounded how anyone can even consider such a project and waste their energy and money on an application that MUST fail. There is so much spin in this series of media reports that even the promoters must get dizzy. I trust that the school children who may see themselves in well paid media jobs rubbing shoulders with film stars and being on TV/FILM will seriously consider the environmental issues involved and not be hoodwinked by the misleading nonsense being promoted week after week. Roll on the application and let battle commence.
    As to the lorry park !!!!!! Are we redefining ‘Green Belt’ and ‘Country Park’ in the Thames Valley?

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