The Environment Agency objects

Another valuable high-profile objection has been submitted by a statutory consultee for the proposed film studio development.

The Environment Agency has recommended refusal of the application on two really important grounds:

  1. We object to this development because the risk of pollution to controlled waters is unacceptable. The information submitted does not demonstrate that the risk can be mitigated.
  2. We object to the development due to its potential impact on eutrophic standing waters and the Westhorpe Watercourse. Insufficient information has been provided to assess the risks posed by the proposal on these habitats of principal importance, and insufficient details of mitigation, compensation and enhancement measures have been submitted to address any risks identified.

You can read the full objection online.

The lakes and waterways in and around the proposed site, provide a vital lifeline to the flora and fauna reaching far and wide. They also serve us as sources of water and leisure. The risk of pollution and loss of habitats far outweighs any proposed or possible site mitigation.

Hopefully, this important agency objection will further boost the numerous objections to ensure Bucks Council make the right decision when considering the application.