Help us record nature in the Country Park

Help us record and map the plants & animals of the Little Marlow Lakes Country Park!

Submitting this valuable data, helps to understand what we have, as well as populations and trends. This public record will be used when assessing biodiversity and ecological value for any proposed development.

How can you contribute?

  1. Download the iNaturalist app for iPhone or Android or register on the web at
  2. Go for a walk all around the Country Park whenever you want
  3. Use the app to “add an observation” and take pictures of plants, insects, animals (or record sounds!). The app will suggest an ID if you don’t know it. It should also automatically add the location based on your GPS information.
  4. Sync & share your observations
  5. Repeat step 3-4!

If you have historical pictures, you can upload those too, via the web or app, with time and location info entered manually if not extracted automatically from the photo.

Please contact if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing your observations, celebrating the biodiversity we have in our greenbelt!

Flyer for the Save Marlows Greenbelt bioblitz in the Marlow Lakes Country Park