What does a film studio look like? (reprise)

Back in April, we published a post explaining what we think the Marlow Film Studio buildings would actually look like, based on actual other film studios.

Yes, it looks like a warehouse

Now that the planning application is live, the PR mask has been stripped off and the truth has been revealed:

No more shiny or green – just grey warehouses up to 25 m tall. As we expected.

Yes, there will be a fence

You may have seen the “open plan” approach in the marketing material of the film studio project, but that mask has fallen off too.

In the Security Needs Assessment document, it states:
“The minimum security fence recommendation is 2.4m with the ideal being 3m to increase the level of delay. (…) Fencing should be either palisade or weld mesh affixed with security bolts. (…) Fences should have the option to be opaque to restrict direct views into the studio areas.”

In addition, there is talk of CCTV, intrusion detection radar, drone detection and cutting back trees to avoid overhangs for climbing.

This means that our comparison to other film studios, such as Shinfield and Pinewood, who all have fences, was and is correct. Marlow Film Studios won’t be different – it will look like the other film studios: warehouses with fencing around them.

Don’t let these monstrosities dominate our skyline – stop the development and object now.