Alternative Site Assessment (Part 1): Stonor

Dido Property Limited (Guernsey) claim there is no other “preferable site where the benefits that will flow from the development can be secured.

From our desktop study, we have identified other alternatives that are still available according to the criteria proposed by the developers themselves.

The first one is the land at Stonor, located within easy reach (close to the proposed magic 30 miles) of the West London film cluster. It is owned by the family of one of the directors of Dido Property Limited (Guernsey), namely William Stonor.

The area is not designated as a Country Park or does not fall within the London Greenbelt. It appears to be kept as a private “deer park”.

Situating the Stonor Film Studio here, will “enhanc(e) the economic strength of the area and mak(e) it a better place to live, work and visit.” Given the relatively small impact of the film studio on the overall land area available in Stonor Park, “it is not considered that there is any loss of designated outdoor recreation space or (…) Park.

Why was Stonor not considered as an alternative site for the film studio project? Is it because one of the directors lives there?

We don’t need a film studio on our doorstep either. Object to it now.

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  1. Where will all traffic access Stonor? If it comes anywhere near Henley-On-Thames, there is already a huge problem with HGV traffic and gridlock all day

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