Wild Isles Inspiration

The current BBC Wild Isles program is not only showcasing the amazing wildlife we have in the UK, but also highlights the rapid decline and identifies the need for us to act to bring about nature recovery through restoration.

The 90 acres of wildlife and biodiversity-rich habitats, home to multiple priority and protected species, is such a vital lifeline but at risk of being concreted over for yet another film studio.

We are facing a climate and nature crisis. Unnecessary and inappropriate developments like the proposed Marlow Film Studios, on these precious habitats, is reckless and irresponsible, when more suitable alternatives are available.

“Whoever you are, wherever you live, we must all play a role in restoring nature. Whether you’re an individual, a community, a business leader or a politician, together we can use our decisions, and time, to bring nature back to life.”

Sir David Attenborough

Please object to inappropriate development in Marlow’s Greenbelt and submit your comments even if you have done this before! Buckinghamshire Council have put a new deadline of 9th April.