Marlow Film Studios – does it hold water?

We are all aware that every winter the area around the studio site has flooding problems and that climate change will only make this worse. Here is a picture taken on 22nd April 2023 from the “flexible backlot” (typically indicated as “Plot 5”) that will be converted to hard standing:

Buckinghamshire Council’s own flooding experts, the LLFA, know about this and have now officially cast severe doubts over the viability of the development in their latest report.

They have identified groundwater flood risks, and issues with surface water drainage and questioned the accuracy of the analysis supplied by Guernsey-based Dido Property Limited and their contractors. They only provided data for December to January 2022, and did not include the required hydraulic modelling or any calculations supporting the surface water drainage scheme.

If the Directors of DPL were serious about building and running a film studio on this site you’d think they would make sure it would not end up underwater.