Magic money tree of film studios takes a hit

After an adjustment to their rateable values, many UK film studios are facing a significantly higher tax bill. Industry lobbying continues, but surely the sums for the Marlow Film Studio proposal (and Guernsey-registered Dido Property Limited) are looking a lot less rosy right now, with a reduced demand by the time the warehouses are built and a higher tax bill…

One thought on “Magic money tree of film studios takes a hit”

  1. I totally agree and have lodged by objection sometime ago on various issues which have never been addressed. The sheer number of film studios being built is such that demand will soon render it surplus to requirements of the film industry and it will be obsolete, just like of town shopping centres for which in the 70’s there was great demand and now tenants are not renewing their leases as shoppers go on line and tenants are either going bust or not renewing their leases. It is just a mater of time before he Marlow film studios will be turned into a distribution warehouse with lorries coming and going all the time as it is ideally located between the M4 and the M40 , but this issue seems to have been ignored

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