Marlow Film Studios – The Truth about Traffic

National Highways has once again called out Dido Property Limited for failing to provide an analysis of the impact that 4,000 extra cars will have on the A404 and Westhorpe Roundabout. They recommend that planning permission shouldn’t be granted until DPL and their contractors have supplied them with the proper modelling data.

In an objection provided by Transition Town Marlow’s Cycling & Walking group, they point out major deficiencies for active travel with the new roundabout access scheme on the A4155. The proposal is not compliant with the government’s design guidelines for cycling – no apparent attempt has been made to make the A4155 cycle-friendly or facilitate crossing it and it does not address the issues for active travel on the Westhorpe roundabout. This won’t be conducive to getting more people to leave their cars behind, supporting SMG’s statement that 80-90% of film studio workers will drive.

What’s more, analysis commissioned by SMG has shown that MFS has created some very dubious assumptions about the traffic in order to downplay the level of congestion.

But, of course, the Directors of Guernsey-registered Dido Property Limited do not live round here so they won’t be impacted by the delays, the jams, and the risks to health and safety that we will all inevitably suffer.