Object to a metal fence in Marlow’s Greenbelt

As reported in the Bucks Free Press, the new owner of the Wymers estate in Marlow Bottom wants to install a 2-meter-high metal fence around the entire site boundary. You can find the application on the planning portal under code 23/07816/CLP.

The applicant claims the fence to be required as the property “has been subject to antisocial behaviour in the past including an arson attack”. However, there appears to be no record of this on the official Thames Valley police map. The fence also goes right up to the boundary of properties on Highview Close, significantly affecting their view.

Therefore, we urge you to object today, on the basis that:

  • The metal fence is not in keeping with the need to preserve the rural character of a Green Belt area, as defined in the National Planning Policy Framework, specifically 138c and 138d:
    • “to assist in safeguarding the countryside from encroachment”
    • “to preserve the setting and special character of historic towns”
  • This development lies within the Chilterns AONB and the introduction of a 2 m metal fence is not in line with the planning policies/guidance of the Chilterns Conservation Board and may set an unwanted precedent.
  • There is no evidence of antisocial behaviour, which is used as a motivation for its installation.
  • The metal fence would create a wildlife barrier, including for the ancient woodland, as declared in the application.
  • It is unclear to what extent the fence would encroach on the existing public rights of way at the boundary of the site. The required width of the paths needs to be maintained and access not impeded.

You can object by adding a comment to the planning portal or by emailing planning.wyc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk with the “Objection to 23/07816/CLP” in the subject line.

6 thoughts on “Object to a metal fence in Marlow’s Greenbelt”

  1. The land in question was and is clearly arable, and should be treated as such where a wire stock fence being capable of retaining animals could be considered.
    If the owner wishes to secure his house, he should have seek the services of a security company, plus be in residence.
    The visual aspect of the proposed 2 metre high metal fence brings to mind that of the following. Various detention facilities- a Prison, a Mental institution a Young offenders rehabilitation centre.
    The fence is classic design used on industrial sites and never meant for Green belt, and area’s of outstanding natural beauty.
    It is clear that the applicant did not do due diligence when purchasing the property,or are we going to see further requests for more development in contravention to that we the residents of Marlow Bottom hold most dear ?

    1. It seems extremely unfortunate that fencing of this type should even be requested for Green Belt land. Please turn the application down.

  2. There are a plethora of security devices on the market that will detect antisocial behaviour and incursions onto a property. You certainly don’t need a 2 m high fence to do this.

  3. Stalag Marlow ? I sincerely hope this idea never is allowed to happen. Totally out of keeping with the environs of this lovely town, particularly when there is a plethora of alternative means of achieving security.

  4. what a terrible thing to do to the wildlife, let alone our lovely country walking area! what is all this about!? oh! of course money! from overseas – no thought to the neighbourhood.

  5. This fencing is not in keeping with the rural landscape and will have a detrimental effect on the wildlife.

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