Planning Officer’s Report Recommends REFUSAL

Save Marlow’s Green Belt is delighted that the Planning Officer has recommended that the application should be refused. His report is absolutely clear that the many significant harms caused by the development would significantly outweigh its vague and insubstantial benefits. It won’t generate growth, it won’t create 2,000 jobs, it won’t provide meaningful training and it
won’t benefit Buckinghamshire. But it will create traffic chaos, it will ruin the landscape, it will destroy the environment and it will harm the community. It has no merit whatsoever.

“The proposal will lead to very substantial harm to the Green Belt adversely affecting the setting of the Chilterns AONB and landscape character of the area. The impact on the highway network and the environment is substantially negative. Overall, notwithstanding the benefits of the scheme taken together, it is considered that the benefits do not “clearly outweigh” the Green Belt and other harm. The applicant has not demonstrated ’very special circumstances’ to justify inappropriate development in the Green Belt”

John Fannon, Buckinghamshire Council Planning Officer Report 21/5/24

We are certain that those 85% of Marlovians who voted against this development in a recent Parish Poll will join us in urging the council’s Strategic Sites Committee to follow the Officer’s recommendation and decide against it on the 30th May.