We need your mandate

In order to give more weight to Save Marlow’s Greenbelt official objections, we need to show that we have the support of the public.

One way to do this is to give us a mandate. It is very simple: fill in this form (and ask others in your household to do the same) and upload it via this form.

If you have any issues, please email contact@savemarlowsgreenbelt.org.

Thank you for your support.

Edit: you can use PDF Wrench online or Acrobat DC’s Fill & Sign to complete the documents digitally.

Still have questions for Dido Property Ltd (Guernsey)?

With the planning application now live, after over a year of publicity aimed at gaining support for the Marlow Film Studio project, you may well have some questions for the developers, Dido Property Ltd (Guernsey).

They have planned some drop-in sessions where you can do just that. Ask pertinent questions, scrutinise the plans and listen to their claims from their hired representatives.

We encourage you do this whilst bearing in mind, that they have an agenda that they want to carefully control. They stand to make a huge financial gain if their controversial project is approved.

For a balanced view from local volunteers, who have lived in the Marlow area for many years, understand our town, our community, the local infrastructure challenges and the benefit this protected site provides for people and wildlife, ask questions from the Save Marlow’s Greenbelt team. We have no hidden agenda and nothing to gain. We are just protecting our Greenbelt and Country Park, in line with local and national planning policy, for our community now and for the future.

Donate now to help us deliver our message & hire experts to fight the planning application threats.

Bucks Council leader clarifies Local Plan policy

A new Local Plan for Buckinghamshire is being drafted. It will set out which areas are earmarked for development and which are protected. It is heartening to see that the Leader of the Council, Cllr Martin Tett has clarified that “Brown before Green” will be the policy.

We hope his Councillors remember this when deciding the fate of Marlow’s Greenbelt when they consider the controversial Marlow Film Studio Project, now live on the portal to view.

Write to your county councillors and your MP, to ensure they are aware and on board – and protect our Greenbelt.

Film studio application on the planning portal

The Marlow Film Studio planning application has appeared on Buckinghamshire’s planning portal with reference number 22/06443/FULEA. Our volunteers and hired experts are currently scanning through the 400(!) documents. We are also aware that there is an administrative issue with the application, so we are awaiting Buckinghamshire Council’s response to that.

We will issue detailed guidance on how to object, with our suggested top reasons to object as soon as we can.

Marlow Film Studio responds to our open letter

On 26th May, we invited Dido Property Limited (Guernsey) to a public debate. We eventually received a response to our open letter. In essence, they have declined the invitation and refused to engage in a public debate to answer public questions. Their consultations have not provided enough information and are misleading in parts. Questions posed and clarifications sought remain unanswered.

Save Marlow’s Greenbelt is obviously disappointed with this decision and the refusal to debate openly and fairly with the public.

Donate to Save Marlow’s Greenbelt now

The planning application for the film studio project, proposed by Dido Property Limited (Guernsey), has been submitted to the council, who are now validating the documents provided.

We need to engage a professional planning consultant to go through all the documents with a fine toothcomb to object with undisputable reasons. This means we need funds now more than ever.

Most people have donated at least £20, but several have donated more, for which we are grateful. If you can, please donate via JustGiving, PayPal or bank transfer.

Open Letter to the Directors of Dido Property Limited (Guernsey)

On Thursday 26th May we sent the following open letter to the Directors of Dido Property Limited (Guernsey):

The construction of a film studio in Marlow will have a significant impact on the environment, on the character of the area and on the daily lives of local people. You have made it clear that you believe the impact will be beneficial whereas we, at SMG, believe that it will be detrimental.

Your consultation activities and our campaigning has resulted in residents and local organisations being presented with conflicting arguments about the merits of the development. This has caused uncertainty and confusion about many important issues and consequently made it difficult for them to form a considered opinion.

We believe that the best way to resolve this is to have the arguments for and against the development held up to public scrutiny. Therefore, we invite three directors of Dido to participate in a public debate with three members of SMG. A neutral moderator will raise questions around an agreed set of topics (economy, environment, traffic etc) and each side will argue their position. We propose that the event takes place shortly after the application has been submitted.

We trust that you recognise the importance of allowing the public to hear both sides of the argument and therefore we hope you will accept this invitation.

The Trustees of Save Marlow’s Greenbelt

Save Marlow’s Greenbelt on MarlowFM this Friday

MarlowFM’s Malcolm Parr will be dedicating a show on Friday at 10 am to the Marlow Film Studio plans, as the planning application has been submitted.

The first half of the show will be dedicated to discussion with the developers, represented by Steve McAdam, the director of the “public consultation agency” Soundings, hired by Dido Property Limited (Guernsey). The second half will feature people from Save Marlow’s Greenbelt to discuss the impact of the proposed project and our main objections.

Listen live on FM 97.5 or marlowfm.co.uk this Friday from 10 am. Do show your support on social media (Facebook, Twitter) and tag @MarlowFM.

UPDATE: listen again on the MarlowFM website (Good Morning Marlow > Friday 27th May 10 AM show) or download the MP3.

Traffic. Congestion. Pollution.

Let’s be clear about the reality for local residents as opposed to the PR spin of perceived glamour behind the barbed wire fence. Show your support for our cause with these A4 posters (PDF here and here) to print out and display in your window or other suitable location.