Marlow Town Council Parish Meeting 17th October – all registered voters welcome

Marlow Town Council will hold an extraordinary Parish Meeting to discuss the impact that the film studio could have on the town.

The meeting was called for by several Marlow residents under the provisions of the 1972 Local Government Act. SMG understands that the action was prompted by a letter in support of the studio that was sent to Bucks Planning Authority by the majority of Marlow Town Councillors following a decision they made at a private and unofficial meeting.

“The Film Studio is a huge local issue and the council’s handling of it has been shameful” stated Andrew Rackstraw, a Marlow resident and business owner. “If they felt it was important enough to justify sending a letter, then why didn’t they discuss it democratically in a public council meeting where they could hear the views of the people they are supposed to represent – what were they trying to hide at their secret meeting?”

An SMG spokesperson said, “SMG applauds this grassroots initiative by Marlow residents. We hope that lots of people go along to voice their opinions so that Marlow Town Council can then submit an official letter that truly represents the views of local people”.

The meeting will be held at 6pm on October 17th in the Higginson Room, Court Garden House, Marlow. Use the button below to add it to your calendar.

2 thoughts on “Marlow Town Council Parish Meeting 17th October – all registered voters welcome”

  1. As a member of the Entertainment Industry and frequent visitor to Marlow, I object to such a breech of Government Protected Lands throughout the UK. Naturally, since they care only for profits-their concern for any impact their towering studios will have on light, traffic,clean water, animals, ecosystems, trees, lakes that are conservation areas, and all who have enjoyed footpath access or the fresh air of rural UK is nothing they will protect.

    So if they don’t care about laws protecting & preserving conservation on earth, what makes you think they’ll care about you?

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